About Our Clan

We look super classy here. Totally a sham. 🙂

We are a family of three.

* A crafty, derby-skatin’ mama.
* A nuclear mechanic with an affinity for trivia and building things.
* A goofy 6 year old with a deep passion for Legos & Star Wars .

It’s been almost 2 years since moving into our own home. I’ve tried to document a lot of it, especially what we’ve done to enhance the way we eat and live.

We currently have a pretty ample garden, and also get a CSA share from Kilpatrick Family Farm. We get raw milk each week from Willow Marsh Farm, and eggs from Poverty Acres Farm (which are sold at Willow Marsh) or Brookside Farm. I make bread and other staples regularly, and we eat a limited amount of meat from local farms. Chris enjoys charcuterie projects from these meats as well.

We’ve made great strides in eliminating certain things from our diet. As much as possible we avoid HFCS, food dyes, hydrogenated oils, and ingredients that are more closely related to weird chemicals than wholesome foods. We are especially opposed to GMO/GE foods.

In addition to working on what we eat, I have expanded on my crafting. This includes knitting, crocheting, and making more with my sewing machine (clothing, bags, home furnishings, quilts, etc.). I’ve learned canning, dehydrating, and the gratifying skill of making wholesome, homemade versions of store-bought foods.

Although avoidance of “normal” stores is a huge struggle, anything that we can get through local merchants is preferred. All of these businesses are listed on the “Local Businesses” page for any local followers of this site. (*Please note, I’m in the process of updating this at the moment.)

Upcycling and refurbishing are prevalent. Instead of buying new, we often buy second-hand items or repurpose old items to get a second use out of them.

Overall, this is a journey. Mistakes are made, victories are celebrated. Hope you enjoy the ride! I know we do.


4 thoughts on “About Our Clan

  1. The Smuggler

    Wow! I love your blog! I am just recently becoming aware and taking an interest in the benefits of homesteading, and I am super jealous of your lil set up there. One day I hope to be in the same position. Thanks for the inspiration and ideas!


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