>Meal Planning: An Adventure in Self-Discipline


Ok, it’s time. Generally I’m a very “fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants” kind of gal. Planning dinners is a very Soccer Mom thing to do and the very idea of it sort of makes me cringe. It completely negates my sudden urges to go out for dinner or to order pizza; which is exactly why I need to do it.

Part 2 of why this is necessary is that I’m an accidental food waster. It never fails that sometime during the week I find something that was leftovers or a fresh fruit or veg that has spoiled. Each time I want to scream. Just today as I was putting away new stuff from the Farmers Market, I notice 3 cucumbers all covered in gross slime. So sad and unnecessary. It’s not only upsetting that I’m wasting money, but that there are people starving all over within 50 miles of my home, and I’m casually letting stuff spoil. So I vow, from here on out, to grow up and pay more attention.

I did well at the Farmers Market today. I paid really close attention to what I was buying. As much as I really, really adore celery, I didn’t buy any because you literally have to eat it that day or it goes bad and gets all limp.

I didn’t overbuy either. I got just enough that I know it’ll be gone by next weekend. I stuck to the absolute minimum and I’m proud of that. Plus I only spent $30.

Now I’m going to use my handy Mac Calendars on here and print them out and start writing. I am not going to do a full month, maybe 2 weeks. I’m also going to try and focus on things that are large portions for leftovers or something like lasagna where I can make a second portion and put it into my freezer downstairs.

Overall, I need to not just decide at 5 pm, because then if I’m tired or craving something, I’ll give in. This whole planning adventure should help us save money and eat better. I can also track our food money better. Right now I just buy whatever, whenever I want, and that’s not the greatest thing to do. Plus it causes extra trips to the store, which is just a waste of gas and time.


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